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Correctie tentamen

Hieronder het bericht van E. van der Giessen, een professor in Mechanica, dat op 22 november 2017 Nestor werd geplaatst.


Question 1e in M&R Exam Oct 31, 2017

Question 1e reads:

Exam question 1e. Which of the curves, A, B, C or D in the figure below characterises a critically damped oscillator?

and answer A was scored as being correct. Some students, however, argued that the correct answer should be B. Eventually, Teun Zijp convinced me by carefully plotting the solutions for initial conditions x(0)=1 and dx/dt(0)=0 by means of Mathematica:

Teun's solution for Exam question 1e.

All exam papers will therefore be re-checked, and both answer A and B will get 1 point. It may take a couple of days, however, before this is done and the corrected grades for NAMR1 will appear on Progress. I apologize for the inconvenience.

E. van der Giessen


Download het Mathematica notebook.

Het notebook werd in december 2017 gepubliceerd op http://demonstrations.wolfram.com.

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