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Noon (12:00) should be defined as the time at which the sun is highest. Because this is different for all locations on earth, causing trade/logistic problems, we created timezones (great invention), which are all linked to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), another great invention. By al these human definitions of time, 12:00 is now no longer the time at which the sun is highest, but it's a fair approximation of that.

I watched a video of VSauce on YouTube, titled "How Earth Moves", it gives great insights on how earth moves relative to the sun, and, from earths perspective, how the sun moves as seen from earth. It also provides a solar-graph (see below), a plot of the position of the sun over the year.


If we would not have daylight saving time, the sun would be at the yellow dots at 12:00, which is quite far off from it's highest point. This makes it perfectly clear why winter/summer time is a natural phenomenon.

If you agree with me, that we should keep daylight saving time, then please fill out the Survay