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Nestor is de vak-inhoudelijke website van de RuG. Hieronder staat een noemenswaardig Nestor-bericht waarin ik vermeld sta.

Correctie tentamen

Hieronder het bericht van Erik van der Giessen, een hoogleraar in klassieke mechanica, dat op 22 november 2017 Nestor werd geplaatst.


Question 1e in M&R Exam Oct 31, 2017

Question 1e reads:

Exam question 1e. Which of the curves, A, B, C or D in the figure below characterises a critically damped oscillator?

and answer A was scored as being correct. Some students, however, argued that the correct answer should be B. Eventually, Teun Zijp convinced me by carefully plotting the solutions for initial conditions x(0)=1 and dx/dt(0)=0 by means of Mathematica:

Teun's solution for Exam question 1e.

All exam papers will therefore be re-checked, and both answer A and B will get 1 point. It may take a couple of days, however, before this is done and the corrected grades for NAMR1 will appear on Progress. I apologize for the inconvenience.

E. van der Giessen


Het notebook werd in december 2017 gepubliceerd op http://demonstrations.wolfram.com.

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